Sunday, December 23, 2007

39 मेगा पिक्सल का डीज़ीटल ऐस ऐल आर कैमरा

hasselband ने लाउंच किया 39 मेगा पिक्सल का डीज़ीटल ऐस ऐल आर कैमरा.

इस डीज़ीटल ऐस ऐल आर कैमरे मैन ये सब खुबिया है.

  • Integrated 22, 31 and 39 Mpix capture units with 3" display

  • Ultra-Focus: integral optimization of digital lens performance

  • Hasselblad Natural Color Solution

  • Integrated CCD cooling sink for lower noise

  • Direct ISO/WB control

  • Thumbwheel control of digital menus

  • GPS accessory option

  • Full Digital APO Correction for improved image sharpness and detail

  • Market's most versatile lens program

  • Choice of eye-level or waist-level viewfinders

  • Field FW upgrade of H3D camera

  • Choice of media: CF card - Image Bank II

  • Easy sensor cleaning

  • View camera option

  • Un-tethered and tethered operation

  • Hasselblad 3FR raw - or DNG export


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